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Fitness Photoshoot with Sahara Harding

One of my favorite things to do in regards to photography is trying new genres and looks, and there is no one I have more fun with than Denver model (and my best friend) Sahara Harding. Over the past year Sahara has been training to compete in fitness competitions, so it seemed fitting that we document her transformation with a fitness photoshoot where she could look like the Nike model she could someday become. 

Choosing a venue is always one of the funnest parts for us, as we enjoy exploring new places more than anything. After little research and a lot of thought about how much we wanted to pay for gas, we decided to check out Paint Mine Park outside of Calhan, CO. The white, yellow and orange sandstone like structures set in the middle of the prairie provided the most incredible backdrop as well as some kick butt lighting! 

I'm extremely excited to present a few of the photos from our shoot, enjoy!

Ariana DufourComment