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Testing Out Technical Illustration

Being a graphic designer can go in multiple directions: you can find a niche you enjoy and stick to that, you can drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with the trends, you can differentiate and learn as many skills as you can, etc. Between trying to keep up with client work and still have some solid personal time it gets hard to remember that I still need to grow as a designer as well. I always have a list in my mind, written down or in a Trello board of skills I want to learn in order to improve my offering for clients and to keep myself engaged. One of those skills, in a broad sense, is to improve my illustration abilities.

That's a pretty general skill with many styles and facets, so first I wanted to try something "simple" that would focus on honing my ability to correctly use anchors and curves. Technical illustration is a great style to use as it focuses less on color, lighting and style and more on a factual representation of a product.

I was inspired by a video I saw on YouTube by an account named Catsy and decided to tackle a Shimano cycling brake. For my first technical illustration I was pretty happy with the results and I look forward to doing more!

Ariana DufourComment