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Spring Just Got A Whole Lot Better

What better way to kick off the DA&D Blog than to announce that I will be showcasing some of my custom art in the SENSORY showcase by RAW Artists - Denver? That's right, I'm going to be showcasing in a Denver art show that hundreds of people show up for. Needless to say I'm extremely excited.

The day of the show is Thursday May 21st, which means one thing, I need to get my butt in gear! I have plenty of pieces lying around but being the perfectionist that I am, I want only my best work to be shown at the show. So I have been cranking out new work like my life depends on it, I finished a new 18"x24" piece a couple days ago in 7 hours. This is certainly a learning experience as I haven't participated in an art show this large before, but I am also learning about myself and what I can produce when I really push myself.

The below images are some of the pieces that I will have for display/sale at the show. I plan to sell these originals as well as have prints available!

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