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Sketches Snapshot

My art background began with my love of drawing at a young age. I used spiral bound notebooks as my "sketchbooks" and filled them front to back (both sides of the pages) with various drawings, usually my own Sailor Moon characters. As I moved through school and life I expanded my knowledge of multiple mediums like acrylic, digital painting, graphic design, photography, etc. but one thing that has stayed with me is my trusted pencil and paper. After a long day of staring at the computer screen nothing feels quite as good as sitting down with a sketchbook (a real one, not my old notebooks) and letting my mind wander. 

I sketch pretty frequently however I'm terrible at sharing them, my best attempt is via social media but I'm not very consistent. So the plan is to do blog posts that serve as round-ups of my sketches. Here is the start to the series "Sketches Snapshot"!